A care protocol adapted to each care pathway

A connected and secure platform connecting patients at home and caregivers in healthcare facilities


Reassured and confident

Better follow-up and advice

Actor in ones own care: instructions, surveys, appointments, coaching...


More efficient and effective

Better organization and time management

Optimized ressources

Enhances the image and notoriety of the structure

Caregiver portal

Visualization of patient answers for a better anticipation in their care

Editor of care pathways adapted to your uses

MHLink adapts to your current care and medical practices

Each medical team builds its own care pathway(s) independently.

A care pathway is made up of events: instructions, surveys, appointments, advices, coaching, data from connected objects

MHLink supports image, video and PDF contents.

Simple and quick assignment of a care pathway

All events are automatically positioned according to the reference date (date of hospitalization, discharge, consultation, etc.).

The patient serenely follows his care pathway (with the web portal or the mobile application).

Teleconsultation integrated into the remote monitoring tool

Portal for external actors

Active queue management: supports priority levels (color-coded)

Display patients associated with the connected PS

Access to the patient record

Management of access rights to the different sections of the patient file by user / by user group

Inclusion Request Form

Patient web portal

Visualization of the scheduled events of care pathway (agenda)



Message service (patient-caregiver)

Smartphone application for patients

Survey answers

Access to advice

Messaging with option to attach photos


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