Creating links

for quality care in the home

« The daily life of a patient in his or her own home involves two issues: bonding and care. For MHComm, creating a link is essential between the patient and the caregivers, but also between the different actors involved in the care. Through innovative digital health solutions for homecare, we contribute to improving the patient experience, strengthening the links between caregivers, facilitating the coordination of healthcare providers and securing the care pathway. »

Emmanuel Sicard


Connecting patients and caregivers at home
Connecting patients and caregivers at home

Our mission

Technology has revolutionized home care. It is a way to improve the health of vulnerable people and their access to care. Our mission is to help you create a link with your patient at home and make the home a real place of care.

By building software dedicated to home health, our ambition is that everyone can benefit from the quality of hospital care while remaining at home.

To contribute to this, we provide caregivers (salaried or independent) and patients with innovative, mobile, ergonomic and secure solutions.

Quality care at home

Free up medical time to serve the patient

Multiple entry of the same data, missing
information at home, managing incoming patient calls are all obstacles to meeting the health system's main challenge: having more time to care...

...MHComm helps optimize the exchange of information between players and helps you recover medical time.
Our MHCare and MHLink solutions are developed in partnership with users to meet their needs.

Strengthening links to facilitate coordination

Improving the organization and coordination of healthcare professionals involved in homecare is a key issue in replacing the patient at the heart of care...

...Our connected software solutions are a major lever for facilitating coordination and strengthening
city-hospital cooperation, in addition to promoting continuity of care at home. MHComm enables you to improve the quality of care while enhancing the
patient experience.

Secure and share data

The security of information exchanges is as essential as the security of care...

...In compliance with the regulations in force in the healthcare field, our software secures medical data and simplifies their sharing within your IT system.

Our adapted solutions

A digital home healthcare offer at the heart of efficient and sustainable care: MHCare & MHLink

Electronic Patient Record dedicated to hospitalization at home

Your benefits

Simple, fast and secure care coordination.
Optimized management of your patient.
A choice from a wide range of mobility tools.
Easy integration with your institution’s information system.
Personalized support from MHComm teams.

Plateforme de télésurveillance et de télésuivi

Remote monitoring and follow-up platform

Your benefits

A stronger link between the patient and the caregivers.
A simple, ergonomic, easy-to-use interface with many features.
A management adapted to your needs and uses.
Information management and analysis thanks to decision support and data intelligence.

Plateforme de télésurveillance et de télésuivi

They trust us