Making the home a place of care

and facilitate the coordination of care

« Enabling healthcare professionals to look after patients at home means making their daily lives easier. It is therefore necessary to allow the different actors (health care providers, private health care professionals and patients) to exchange the right information at the right time. At MHComm, we are facilitators of this link thanks to innovative, mobile, ergonomic and secure business solutions to make the home a real place of care. »

Olivier Thauvoye

Sales Director

Connecting patients and caregivers at home
Connecting patients and caregivers at home

4 levers of value creation

Optimizing medical and paramedical resources

At a time when resources are becoming scarce, digital technology must save time. Our priority is to facilitate the realization of your daily tasks (diagnostic assistance, alerts, simplification of information entry, data transfer…).

Sharing information anytime, anywhere and for all stakeholders

Access to medical data in the home is essential for successful care. Facilitating exchanges between healthcare professionals (salaried caregivers, city professionals, patients) despite network access issues can be a challenge. Our mobility tools (tablet, mobile application) help you access the right information at the right time to improve the effectiveness of treatments.

Facilitating the relationship with the patient at home

Monitoring side effects, communication, advice and coaching are all elements of medical care that must be provided at home. Institutions therefore need support solutions to reassure patients and secure their return. MHComm offers remote medical monitoring or remote follow-up with a multi-pathology platform.

Making the home the heart of care

The development of oral therapies, outpatient care, hospital treatment at home and even the desire of patients themselves are tending to move care outside the hospital walls. The major challenge of modernizing healthcare organizations lies in their ability to deliver the same excellence in care while maintaining a high level of traceability. It is with this vision that we are developing our digital healthcare offering.

4 strong values to carry out our mission


Creating data-driven mobility solutions for personalized, preventive and participatory home care


In each of the areas where you need us: business, technical, interoperability


Our customers deserve our full attention before AND after the deployment of our solutions


Clients (to constantly improve our solutions), the market (new needs, regulatory and normative aspects) and employees (to develop a climate conducive to employee development)

Quality, reliability and security of our connected solutions

Hospital at home - Quality